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incentive programme new zealand
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Incentive or reward programme - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and New Zealand wide

How will an erewards incentive program impact on productivity, sales and performance?

Staff motivation is key to the success of every business. Incentives and rewards have a strong role in driving productivity and improving performance. They are also useful when used effectively, in maintaining and improving staff morale. Results vary depending on the circumstances but we have seen some extraordinary results (in one case a 250% increase in sales). Certainly the power of incentives is demonstrated time after time and it is a motivator that New Zealand businesses who aspire to top performance cannot afford to ignore.

There are many different approaches that can be used to get the motivation you want and the circumstances of your business will dictate the type of incentive programme that will work best. erewards staff have the experience and ability to design, build and manage an incentive programme that will be a custom fit for your business.

Our solution may be as simple as a recurring quarterly sales incentive, a reward system for employee of the month or it may be a sophisticated web based reward programme that not only reports employee performance against kpi's but provides information to improve performance, comparative data and a huge reward catalogue.

We can supply rewards for your existing sales or staff incentive programme, for your employee length of service programme, or one off rewards for particular purposes if that is what you need.

The key benefit of using our service is that you will receive a solution that motivates your staff to high levels. The incentive solution required will determine how much input is required from your staff, but our solutions are easy to run, reliable and take the hassle out of this task.

We have put together some simple tips for operating a successful staff incentive programme. Click here to view these ideas.

reward programme new zealand

What are the benefits of adopting incentive or reward programmes in New Zealand business?

  • Increased sales/productivity/profit
  • Satisfied customers
  • More reliable performance
  • Improved efficiency and quality
  • Increased staff satisfaction and motivation
  • Reduced staff turnover

nz staff incentives

Why choose erewards to provide productivity and performance incentives for your staff?

We recognise that every business is different and staff respond to different incentives, our experience with helping businesses achieve productivity and performance improvements will be invaluable to your business.

erewards has developed experience and a number of very effective models for incentive reward programs that all of our clients benefit from. We are happy to discuss your needs (small or large)and provide a cost proposal for an erewards solution. We work with many different types of businesses from large corporates through to small businesses that only employ a few staff, but the universal element we bring to these relationships is personal service and a real focus on achieving results.

We do not offer "off the shelf" incentive solutions. In every case we will spend some time to get an understanding of what you are trying to achieve and then to develop a custom designed solution that will achieve the goals you want for your business... more

erewards offers an extremely diverse range of rewards and incentives, more diverse than any other reward program in New Zealand. We will definitely have a range of incentives at a price point and with strong appeal to suit your requirements. If you would like to have an idea of the type and range of incentives and rewards we offer, click here to go to our rewards page where you can link through to on of our rewards websites.

Once we have discussed your requirements with you, we will develop a staff incentive solution to meet your needs that will be provided to you as a fully costed and time framed proposal. We offer programmes that run in the main centres Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and in businesses throughout New Zealand,

nz staff incentives

How do I find out more about a staff incentive programme for a New Zealand business?

This site should give you a taste of what we have to offer. Use the contact form to give us your contact details so we can contact you discuss your requirements for staff incentives. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.

incentive programme new zealand